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COMPREHENSIVE DATA ACCESS: Informed decisions start with robust executive data

CompAnalyst Executive delivers instant access to compensation data for more than 50,000 named executives across public companies in the US.

Streamlined research

Quickly search and filter results to customize your peer group comparisons and competitive plan evaluations.

Improved analysis

Deliver comprehensive analyses of peer company compensation practices, including benefits and pay-for-performance plans.

Enhanced reports

Produce board-ready reports and evaluations that effectively communicate the impact of compensation plan options.

CRITICAL METRICS : Smarter decisions made easy

Take a deeper look at executive rewards packages. Access base salary, bonus, equity grants, long- and short-term incentives, benefits, and change-in-control provisions for more than 50,000 executives.

Next-level dilution analysis

Easily evaluate earnings dilution and cost to shareholders. Quickly analyze the impact of option and share grants on dilution, then compare annual dilution metrics for more than 4,000 US companies within our platform.

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Peer-to-peer comparisons

Carefully select peer groups for improved comparison accuracy. Search and filter within our platform to customize your peer company groups, then save favorite peer groups to enable cross-group comparisons.

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Unparalleled speed

Quickly access the data you need. Design packages, benchmark compensation against key financial metrics, and produce board-ready reports in an integrated platform.

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CEO PAY RATIO ANALYSIS : Simplified reporting and compliance

Quickly calculate CEO pay ratios to fulfill SEC disclosure requirements.

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